In Praise of Three Spotted Hyenas A Novel (Part Three)

In Praise of Three Spotted Hyenas
A Novel
(Part Three)

Of the three spotted hyenas, Allāt is known to copulate with her dogs. She owns two lap dogs she takes with her everywhere she goes so that she can breast-feed them and they, in return, are able to lick her, if you know what I mean! Reputed to be both a coiter and a masturbator, Allāt stands for what Jean-Paul Sartre aptly called “une . . . femme [qui] . . . sait qu’elle doit être dominée,” not by humans of course but by her lap dogs. She tickles all notions of lust and depravity, teases all ideas of bestiality and wickedness out of both people and animals, dogs in particular. Poor creatures! Because they electrify her nipples and other moist organs, her lap dogs are always subjected to the “micro-physics of [female] . . . power/knowledge/pleasure.” She particularly enjoys the mad fluttering of their rough tongues that once, twice, thrice, wander over the geography of her repugnant milky body. It is reported that they give her the sensation that she is being gored in the center of her precious moist object of desire which keeps them warm during cold nights. Although Allāt appears to be content, in this God’s skewed invention lurks all shadows of perversion and bizarre caprices, for in the absence of her dogs, she fantasizes incessantly to stir her insatiable desire in the midst of her nocturnal labors. It is fair to say that she wears all her vices with poise.
Al-Uzzā, on the other hand, has a face that dilates like an anus in anticipation of alvine fæces, getting ready to repel excrements, whereupon it would shut itself up tight and pout, with its thousand and one little puckers-like words, to impress her interlocutors. She always fails to do so, and when she does succeed, she would break down crying to arouse sympathy. Her scheme has fooled many people, including the newly-arrived grey wolf. She also has a mind that encompasses a certain quantity of filth which sticks to the walls of her soul. Physically, she looks like an androgynous village idiot with a man’s cock and a woman’s flat tits! When she laughs, which she seldom does, her cheeks grow hard and erect, as if an invisible muzzle were sucking on them, and the muscle of her forehead becomes tense as though she were an amateur boxer ready to punch her opponent. She always harbors dirty, scabrous thoughts: promiscuity among them. Her body smells like a rotting rat in the vicinity. She likes to fornicate, and she would say so in public with a wonderful smile on her ugly face. In a certain sense, Al-Uzzā is a voluptuary. Always addicted to her vulgarity, she is cast aside like an old leprous screen of faded Indian leather.
As to Manāt, she has large ears; both of them, but the right one in particular tends to stand out from her head at the top, curving back on itself, determined to capture for itself all the world’s gossip. She is ashamed of them, which at times they look like a bat’s ears. When she puts on her make-up, which she always does, Manāt looks like an undisputed queen of a Napelese bordello. She always strikes people around her as a woman who might have a startling hairy crest between her breasts. A horrifying thought! She too is promiscuous. She is also as dull as dust. That is all that can be said about Manāt.

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